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Clutch - Alaska Salmon Leather
Clutch - Alaska Salmon Leather
Clutch - Alaska Salmon Leather
Clutch - Alaska Salmon Leather

Clutch - Alaska Salmon Leather

$ 190.00

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This one-of-a-kind clutch is made with our sustainable wild Alaska Salmon Leather outer, a durable organic canvas liner, and trimmed in a contrasting black. 

Your salmon leather clutch will carry all your goodies. It comes with 8 large credit card pockets, a dedicated coin zipper pocket, two full sized pockets for cash & checks, and more room for loose storage. 

It comes with a removable and adjustable strap so you can throw it in your purse or bag, or carry it over your shoulder. 

100% handmade in the USA.  Even the recycled cardboard packaging is made here. 

Each salmon skin is tanned for 3 weeks in our innovative and eco-friendly vegetable based tanning process. 

Your clutch measures 5 inches tall, 8.75 inches wide, and about 0.75 inches thick when empty.

*Available in Natural only. Limited quantity available.


Why upcycle sustainable ocean byproducts? 


Why Alaska Salmon?

When we set out to upcycle ocean byproducts, we did not just want to reduce waste.  We wanted to encourage sustainable fishing practices by adding value to the waste of fisheries managed sustainably. 

Alaska is the only state in the nation with a constitutional mandate that all fish be harvested on a sustainable yield principal.  All 5 species of Alaska Salmon are certified as sustainable under multiple 3rd party certification programs, including the Marine Stewardship Council and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. 

Our vegetable tanned Alaska Salmon Leather is made from Alaskan Sockeye (often called Red) Salmon. 


Our Salmon Leather

Our 3 week tanning process produces an amazingly durable aquatic leather with a subtle glossy finish. 

The first step in the tanning process includes removing all the natural fish oils. Then we start to add a series of tanning oils that are very similar to what is used in vegetable tanned cow leather. This makes the scent resemble vegetable tanned cow leather, there is no fish odor.

Most aquatic tanning formulas contain chemicals such as formaldehyde and/or chrome based chemicals. 

We worked with chemists for over a year to develop a sustainable way to produce just as durable of a product, but with all vegetable based tanning oils. 


 How durable is Alaska Salmon Leather?

Our aquatic tanning expert Mike Ban founded the first Alaskan aquatic tannery back in the late 80's.  Some of his products are still around today!